Need to code

I’m currently out of town working with a crappy laptop that Android studio barely runs on.  I have projects I need to work on.   I’ve been looking for any way I could work on them from my iPhone but have not found anything.  I guess I’ll have to buy a new laptop cause this ain’t going to work.

Python scripting

Why learn to code with Python?


When you learn to code in Python, there are many paths it could lead you too. It has many uses in business, data analysis, statistics, automation, various business tools, database management to name the least.

It has an extensive game library in the forms of PyGame and Blender. It has many uses in science as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The military use it for cyber security and hackers like it for its abundance of hacking tools. You can automate emails, design beautiful websites, or write scripts.

But the number one thing Python is good for is for learning. It’s arguably the easiest language to learn and with it’s huge and helpful community, always willing to get you out of a bind. Coding with Python is a great way to get some coding experience and jump start your career.

What is your favorite use of Python?

Should you learn mobile programming on Android or Apple?

Android or Apple?

You might choose Apple or Android, it, could go either way depending on how the application you’d want to make or the languages you know.   They both have some pros and cons, I wasn’t sure which I would go with.  If I go with Apple I would have to learn Swift, but choosing Droid would mean JavaScript. They both have their pros and cons, but while looking up which one I would go with, I seen something else instead. It was just what I was looking for and never knew it. I didn’t have to give up Google or Apple, and I could write my code just one time in C# and the shared database would work on both platforms. That’s pretty good.

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