Email marketing

The Plan

Before you do anything else you need a plan.  What is the purpose of this email campaign?  What do you hope to accomplish?  Set a clear path from the beginning to avoid doing useless tasks.  The more you break down your goal into segments the more likely you will achieve it.  Take a few couple minutes to your goal down and how you plan to achieve it.

Call of action

Now that you have a goal in mind let’s break it down into actionable steps and put a timeline to it.  What was your goal? A list with a population of 1 million? To spend less time on content creation through automation?  To look more like a professional business? What company have you heard of that doesn’t use email marketing? You goal may of even been to get feedback on a products or idea. Email is useful in a lot of different ways, and can achieve many different goals in business.

Designing your email

Your main goal on designing the email should be your call to action. Every thing should be built with that in mind. Arguably, the second most important detail is your subject line. Writing an email without an interesting subject like is like going fishing without a hook on your line. I guess you might get lucky and the line gets tangled up in a fishes gills, but you definitely won’t be filling a pipeline. Pay attention to the flow of the email. Use a common color skeme, make it look professional. Using a graphics editor like
DIYthemes, LLC.
will help a lot here. It doesn’t have to look like an infographic but it shouldn’t look like a novel either. Besides having a good hook in the subject, also remember to stay on topic to keep the reader’s attention. Don’t forget spellcheck.


To keep your pipeline full and have a steady funnel coming, you’re going to want some automation. There’s many ways you can automate your email marketing strategies. First thing you should do is set up a landing page. A landing page can be different variants but they’re all used for lead generation. The most common forms are newsletters, and subscriptions. You need something to give in return for the email. The easiest way to set up a landing page is by using a program such as GroupMail will host the landing page on your website, and pull the generated leads. Turning it into a list and making the whole process a lot easier. Now it’s just a matter of time until that list starts filling up, use that time to plan a marketing strategy for your new pipeline.